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Many people suffering from both mental illness and substance abuse often find that they are unable to quit drugs and alcohol on their own and need help from a Garrett Recovery drug rehab facility. Trying to decide what addiction recovery program is best for you or someone you love can be overwhelming and confusing. With so many drug rehab centers available, it is important to find a substance abuse treatment facility that fits with your specific needs. Garrett Recovery is an addiction recovery facility in Round Rock, Texas treats a variety of issues relating to substance abuse. We offer numerous treatment options catered to each individual client. We offer a comfortable and secure inpatient addiction recovery center where clients can safely detox off drugs and begin treatment for their substance abuse and mental health struggles.


At Garrett Recovery, detoxing from alcohol and drugs is the first step in the recovery process. Drug use creates chemical dependency it is important to detox safely under the care of professionals. Clients will be admitted to our Round Rock drug detox clinic where they will begin supervised detox with our experienced staff, who will be available at all times. We understand how unnerving the process can be and we do our best to make sure the client is as comfortable as possible throughout their detox.


Once the physical components of addiction have been addressed, clients will work with our team to develop an individualized treatment plan that is catered to their specific needs. Our staff recognizes that addiction is different for everyone and in order to give our clients the best chance at maintaining their sobriety, it is important to treat their personal struggles and needs with a plan that is catered to them. Garrett Recovery only has dual diagnosis drug rehab centers in our network, meaning we also treat those struggling with mental illness and mood disorders. It is very common for people with mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety to self-medicate with drugs and alcohol. It is important for clients to address the underlying issues that are contributing to their addiction.


Clients will also engage in group therapy along with one-on-one treatment. Drugs and alcohol can often times cause people to isolate themselves from their friends and loved ones. An important part of the recovery process is sharing struggles and triumphs with others who are going through similar experiences. We provide a safe environment for clients to talk about their treatment progress and develop a support system with other clients in our addiction treatment center who are working towards a life of sobriety.


Recovery from substance abuse does not stop once inpatient treatment is complete. Part of our treatment process involves setting up some sort of extended care for clients to become involved in after leaving the addiction treatment center. It can be difficult to adjust to a life of sobriety outside an inpatient setting, which is why it’s important to set up some form of continued treatment before returning home. This can include one-on–one therapy, group therapy, 12-step meetings, support groups, and other activities that benefit your sobriety and recovery. We find that those who continue to address their mental health and addiction on a regular basis by working a recovery program that works best for them have a better chance at staying sober.


If you or a loved one is struggling with substance abuse, making the choice to get help is an important first step. Our addiction treatment facility in Round Rock, Texas is filled with friendly and compassionate individuals who can help guide you through the next step and answer the questions you may have. We encourage you to contact Garrett Recovery and start addiction recovery today.