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Addiction can destroy the lives of people from all walks of life. This isolating disease is best faced with the help of professionals and the support of loved ones. At our addiction recovery center in Houston, Texas, our goal is to help individuals find the source of their addictive behavior and create a plan to overcome the urge to use substances. With Garrett Recovery drug rehab centers located nationwide, we specialize in dual diagnoses, a term used for individuals suffering from addiction and another form of mental disorders. Our addiction recovery program in Houston begins with monitored detoxification to ensure safety, and is paired with group and individual therapy sessions throughout the duration of the program. Because we understand the challenges of returning home after an intensive recovery program, the staff at our substance abuse treatment facility in Houston are committed to preparing our clients with aftercare services upon completion of the recovery program.


At Garrett Recovery, we prioritize client safety, which is why each client undergoes a full assessment before beginning any type of treatment. Upon completion, our clients start a monitored detox to cleanse the body of any harmful substances keeping you dependent upon your drug of choice. A monitored detox is one in which an individual is under constant supervision throughout the process to ensure safety and increase the success rate. During this time, many individuals experience withdrawal symptoms including insomnia, loss of appetite, headache, and upset stomach, and others. The staff at our drug detox clinic in Houston monitors each individual during this process in case a client experiences serious withdrawal symptoms. Clients who experience adverse reactions will receive medical attention to ensure their safety. Our staff are also available to offer support during this uncomfortable process.


The supportive environment at our Houston addiction recovery facility extends beyond the time spent undergoing detoxification. We believe fostering a supportive environment is essential to all aspects of treatment, and it is especially necessary for growth during therapy sessions. At our Houston addiction treatment center, clients undergo both individual and group therapy as part of their recovery. Individual therapy focuses on building a trusting relationship between client and therapist, which encourages clients to open up about their thoughts, feelings, and emotions during the process. The goal is to uncover the underlying cause of addiction and work to develop an individualized treatment plan to overcome urges. Dual diagnoses are common, and clients who are diagnosed with some other type of mental illness in addition to addiction are treated for both. Also dependent upon a supportive environment, group therapy sessions are led by therapists who provide topics of discussions for small groups of clients. It allows interaction among peers at different stages of their recovery, individuals can ask questions and get support from others who are undergoing similar experiences.


Our drug rehab facility in Houston provides the structure and guidance necessary to begin sobriety, but in order to maintain it, it is important that our clients make a smooth transition from living at our facilities to returning home. Aftercare treatment options are an important part of long-term recovery, and our staff can help clients locate and reach out to services in their hometowns. We recommend that all clients move into sober living facilities directly following completion of our addiction recovery program. These facilities offer routine and support to help ease the transition. We also encourage all individuals to attend support groups after leaving, and continue therapy sessions with a trusted therapist near your home.


Although addiction can destroy lives, it is always possible to rebuild. Our addiction treatment facility in Houston, Texas is staffed by dedicated professionals who can help individuals safely and effectively turn their lives around. Our individualized recovery program can help make sobriety a reality.