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Fighting addiction is a difficult process, both for those affected as well as their families and loved ones. Even those committed to sobriety may have difficulty finding the guidance and support that is so often necessary in successful recovery. Our substance abuse treatment facility in East Setauket, New York is staffed by skilled professionals committed to providing a supportive environment and the guidance necessary to break free of addiction.


Our drug rehab centers are located throughout the country to better serve the needs of individuals nationwide. Our team of experts can guide motivated individuals through our customized addiction recovery program, which consists of supervised detoxification, individual therapy, group therapy, and eventually, a commitment to pairing our clients with aftercare treatments near their homes. We understand that the long-term goal of recovery can be difficult to achieve, and we are here to give individuals the best chance at success.


Years of addiction can lead to physical dependency on controlled substances, which can make the detox process difficult. Symptoms of withdrawal can range from mild nausea and muscle aches to severe mental and physical symptoms including hallucinations, heart palpitations, and even stroke. We provide supervised detoxification at our drug detox clinic in East Setauket, New York to ensure our clients have improved odds of successfully detoxing from drugs and alcohol.


Trained staff members at our addiction treatment center are available to assist clients around the clock and also monitor their health throughout the process. Individuals who experience serious complications may require medical assistance, and our staff are trained to identify warning signs of complications and call for help. They are also available to give support and encouragement throughout the process, making monitored detoxification the safest and most effective means of detoxing.


Throughout the client’s time at our addiction recovery center, therapy is an important tool used to treat addiction. We work hard to maintain an environment that encourages open and honest communication about the addiction recovery process. By creating a safe environment, our clients are better able to thrive in both individual therapy sessions and group therapy.


Individual therapy is an essential element in recovery because it provides clients with one-on-one sessions with skilled and compassionate therapists who can help identify substance abuse triggers and work with these individuals to develop healthier coping mechanisms. This process is unique to each client, so sessions are different for each individual.


One common finding, however, is that many of our clients receive dual diagnoses, consisting of a diagnosis of addiction as well as a co-occurring mental health disorder. Dual diagnoses are common among those suffering with addiction, since substance abuse is often a coping mechanism for whatever underlying mental illness is affecting an individual. Additionally, some clients develop mental illness as a result of sustained drug use, and in both cases, we are committed to treating any and all issues.


Group therapy at our addiction recovery facility in East Setauket, New York is also catered to a client’s individual needs as much as possible within a multi-client session. Therapists lead several clients through these therapy sessions, allowing individuals to interact with their peers and express their achievements and frustrations throughout the process. These sessions serve as an important reminder that no one is alone in this process, as clients can offer each other encouragement and support.


Graduating from an addiction recovery program can bring mixed emotions from clients. It is natural to feel pride in the achievement, while also feeling apprehension about returning home. Our staff are committed to helping clients find aftercare options, including sober living facilities, individual therapists, and support groups close to home that will help them maintain sobriety long after leaving our drug rehab facility.


Breaking the addiction cycle alone can be nearly impossible, and for many, reaching out for help is the only way out. Our addiction treatment facility in East Setauket, New York can provide the supportive environment and guidance necessary for individuals to conquer their addiction and maintain their sobriety.